Customized IT Services

Design, consultation, and implementation for all types of businesses.

Implementation, maintenance, and infrastructure monitoring.

We analyze and size the necessary equipment to improve the efficiency of each IT infrastructure. We provide advice on cabling, hardware, and data center solutions.

We conduct monitoring and diagnostics of networks, servers, and services.


Cibersecurity Solutions and Fortinet Monitoring

We detect configuration issues before any damage occurs. We monitor, manage, configure, and provide support for Cybersecurity solutions alongside Fortinet.

Security for Service and App Access.
Server and Data Center Security.
◆ Vulnerability Analysis and Detection.
◆ Perimeter Security.
◆ Cloud Managed Security.
◆ Firewall and UTM (Unified Threat Management) Content Inspection.
◆ Link Balancing.
◆ Network Segmentation.
◆ Secure WiFi.

IT consulting

We are consultants in services, cybersecurity, connectivity, infrastructure, networks, energy, and support.

Pre-sales consulting
We advise our clients on the most suitable brands and models for each project.

Post-sales consulting We work alongside the client with ongoing technical support and training for the teams involved.


Engineering and Technical Support.

Engineering and technical support service, level 1, level 2, and level 3 We promptly and personally address the needs and priorities of our clients. We have outsourcing technical service.

◆ Incident resolution.
◆ Configuration verification.
◆ Connectivity or equipment changes.
◆ Network administration, best practices, and business continuity.
◆ Cloud administration.
◆ Infrastructure monitoring.
◆ Server administration.


Managed Security (MSSP)

Avoid security risks. Partner with IT Security experts who detect issues before they occur.


Audit and Diagnosis

We internally analyze the business, the current IT department situation, and the infrastructure to obtain the results that allow us to develop a diagnosis and an action plan to implement according to the recommendations.


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